event in Zilan


Keep everybody on the same page

An event helps you to invite multiple friends to a gathering, have a smooth communication and keep memories.

event in Zilan


Signal to your friends what you are up to.

Grabbing a cup of coffee or getting lunch. Whatever it is you are about to do, let your friends know. They can easily join you. A suggestion disappears after an hour. Is it something you would rather do with your close friends or something generic? In both cases you can adjust with whom you share your suggestion. So you have full control over who sees your signals.

event in Zilan


Keep things easier with a group

What makes groups in Zilan special is that anybody can create an event within the group. Interested group members can keep things going from there on.

event in Zilan

Public Groups

Groups that are visible to everybody

You can join up to 3 public groups and each public group can have 32 participants at maximum. You can leave a group at any time and feel free to do so. Be part of a group that actually interests you. Our goal at Zilan is to help you build meaningful relationships, not maximize how many groups you are a member of.

event in Zilan


All your activities in a beautiful calendar view

With one tap on your calendar, you create events at the desired time. See the availability of your friends and also enter your own. If you tap on a friend's calendar, you start creating an event with the selected time and your friend is invited.

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